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Sustainable Pet Food

Sustainable Pet Food

Are you concerned about the pet food you are buying on a regular basis and its impact on the environment? If the answer to this question is yes, you’ll want to think about sustainable pet food solutions and the changes you could make in the future to reduce your impact on the environment. When we discuss the term sustainable pet food, we are generally referring to food that has a smaller impact on the planet thanks to the ingredients that are used in its production and the production processes that are used. Keep reading as we share some of the most common sustainable pet food solutions and the sustainable pet products you could use in the future to reduce your impact on the world around you.

Sustainable Pet Products | Novel Protein Dog Food | Novel Protein Cat Food

sustainable pet food

Sustainable Pet Food Products

As a pet owner, you want to ensure you are offering your pet an excellent quality of life and a healthy diet to give them the energy they need to enjoy life. However, with so many responsibilities associated with looking after your pet, you may find that sustainability is at the lower end of your priorities. With our population only continuing to increase year after year, it’s so important for pet owners to consider how owning a pet can impact the environment. Household pets are known for creating more waste, but this is something you can work to avoid. By purchasing sustainable pet food that offers your pet the food it needs each day, you can also find a product that doesn’t damage the environment so much during its production process.

How do you know if a product is sustainable, you may be wondering? This comes down to various factors, including the ingredients used in the product. On top of that, you’ll want to learn how the pet products you are using on a daily basis are created so that the processes aren’t adding to the greenhouse gas emissions in the local area. When you think about all of the products that your pet uses on a weekly basis, you could try to find sustainable products that could replace everything they consume or use. As well as food and treats, we also recommend pet owners consider finding sustainable solutions for bedding and toys in the future when they need to be replaced. Find products with eco-friendly packaging so that you can also minimize your impact on the environment in the future.

Novel Protein Dog Food

When it comes to discussing sustainable dog food, novel protein dog food is one of the best options for their daily meals. If you aren’t familiar with the term novel protein, it’s a protein source that contains rare ingredients that aren’t often used in generic pet food. This could include insects and algae as protein sources but could also involve other feed solutions. This experimentation has allowed companies to reduce their carbon footprint when producing dog food while still offering a nutritious feed solution. You’ll be able to ensure that your pet receives all of the protein and nutrients they need on a daily basis while minimizing your impact on the world around you.

As well as the sustainability benefits of feeding your dog novel pet food, you’ll find that it also offers many benefits to their overall health and wellbeing. One of the reasons that pet owners are making this switch is due to sensitivities from typical pet food, which may cause allergic reactions for your pet. If you’ve noticed any symptoms or reactions which occur from their current feed, you’ll find that novel protein sources might eliminate these altogether. When an animal hasn’t been exposed to a protein source before, they are often less likely to experience these reactions in the future.

sustainable pet food

Novel Protein Cat Food

Sustainable pet food isn’t just limited to dog owners, as there are also novel protein cat food solutions that are more readily available now. While turkey and chicken are common protein sources for cats, you’ll find these novel protein options contain insects and other protein sources that don’t usually get incorporated into traditional recipes. Managing your pet’s allergy can be achieved through this type of protein source, but you’ll need to make sure that the food source has undergone various tests to ensure it’s safe for your cat. Always look for evidence of this on the packaging, otherwise, you could cause further irritation to your cat’s sensitive stomach.

Cats who are sensitive to typical cat food usually struggle with the protein sources in the ingredients. This often includes chicken or beef. Once you change to a novel protein cat food, you’ll find that their common symptoms might go away. Often cats experience vomiting, diarrhea, loose stools, and itchy rashes. By finding a formula of food they can enjoy every day, you can overcome the challenges that you are facing as a pet owner. On top of that, you can reduce your impact on the environment, ensuring that you and your pet aren’t putting more pressure on our growing population. As the number of humans continues to increase around the world, we can only expect the cat population to grow as well. This is why options such as insect-based cat food are being explored, as this is likely to be a more sustainable solution to mass produce in the long term.

Both novel cat food and dog food are only likely to appear more and more over the upcoming years. You’ll find that by switching your pet’s food over to a more sustainable pet food source, you can offer them a healthy and balanced diet. As well, you’ll notice that you are reducing your impact on the environment, meaning you can feel less guilty about the animals you are bringing up in your home. We are really excited to see more sustainable pet food products enter the market in the upcoming years. We believe that research into this area will only continue to develop in the future, allowing companies to minimize their impact on the environment as our population continues to grow.

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