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About us?
We are bygorians.
We are nature lovers.
"Our customers are changing the world and we support them with the digital platform they need"
bygora's purpose is to reduce deforestation overfishing CO² emissions food waste



Emissions of deforestation are equal to the emissions of 600 million cars per year!



If fishing rates continue, all the world's fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2048.

CO² emissions


The production of 1kg of insects emits about 1% of the emissions from 1kg of pork or beef.

food waste


Almost 15% of agricultural land globally is cultivated only to be wasted later in the supply chain.
bygora team
So who are we?
We hike, surf, scuba dive, travel, and just can‘t get enough of the amazing places to explore on this planet…

We are digitalization enthusiasts and love how digital business models lead us into a more sustainable future and make every participant win, not just one side.

This is why we work relentlessly to make this platform successful with all our passion and energy, because we strongly believe that we can empower our customers to bring the transition to a sustainable global food supply.

Meet our experts in trading digitalisation sustainability creativity business processes document handling

Michael Koid
Michael Koid
Chief Executive Officer
Michael acts as founder and CEO of bygora to bring positive change to the work environment of people in the industry.
Davide Randazzo
Senior Sales Manager
Davide manages partner relationships and is responsible for media topics within the company. He loves traveling and wants to make sure the beauty of nature is preserved.
Hachem Ouasli
hachem ouasli
Full Stack Engineer
Sophie explores new business opportunities for bygora. She wants to save the rainforest by finding alternatives to unsustainable products and bring them to the marketplace.

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