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KYC and Compliance

The bygora Marketplace is created to build trust between the buyers and suppliers on the platform. We make sure every company on the bygora platforms is trustworthy and sustainable.

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"bygora is the platform for sustainable companies. Every company goes through a background check to prove trustworthiness and sustainability."

We partnered with the leading verification provider globally!

We want to make sure, that every customer and every supplier joining the bygora platforms is real and trustworthy. This is why we have partnered with the leading global identity and business verification provider specializing in anti-money laundring (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.
Each onboarding process we do is based on over 400 data sources globally. With access to 5 billion people, 330 million businesses and more than 195 countries, Trulioo provides a strong source for a high quality output of verification.

Step 1: Registration

Fill our the form to register your company on the marketplace. For verification to be successful, you have to provice a business registration number and the headquarter address.

Step 2: KYB

Once you have registered your company, we will start the verification process. Our partner Trulioo will check the data against international watch lists and runs a background check to make sure no fraudulent companies can enter the marketplace.

Step 3: KYC

If we are having trouble verifying the company data, we have the option to run a KYC process additionally. Depending on the case this includes a verification of the ID of the business owner. Additionally, our payment provider will run a KYC process to ensure payments are legit.

Step 4: Approval

After 2-3 business days, the approval process is done and you will be approved to become a seller on the bygora marketplace. You will then have an onboarding call with our customer service team.
To learn more about the processing of personal data in the course of the KYC-Check, please see our Privacy Policy.

State of the art anti-fraud system

Document management is a big part of B2B trade. We developed a new anti-fraud system using the same technology that is used on blockchains.

The system keeps document information secure, organized and attached to orders. The documents can only be updated – not altered, which prevents fraudulent activities and saves all data in 1 place.

Traceable B2B Negotiation

Contracts in B2B are based on negotiations. In case of a dispute, the details of the negotiation are often hard to prove, as they were discussed on the phone, email, in meetings or via messengers.

On the bygora marketplace, the message center is used for contract negotiation. When an order is complete, the full negotiation with all its details can be saved as a PDF making it easy to document all the details of a contract.

With our anti-fraud document software, that negotiation file can not be altered or tempered with so your data is secure.

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