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Are you looking to sell novel proteins in a smart, convenient and modern way? Then join the bygora B2B Marketplace for novel proteins!
Do you have problems to sell novel proteins?

Finding new reliable customers is a time consuming and often expensive process in the B2B field. Markets such as pet food, fish feed, animal feed, fertilizer, biodiesel and many more are hard to access because there is no transparency. It also makes it hard to know if you sell novel proteins at competitive prices as there is no accessible information about market prices.

New customers
are hard to find

Are you looking for new buyers to trade with, but you don’t know where to look for them?

The bygora marketplace completely changes the game so customers will now contact you about your listings leading to entirely new business opportunities for you.

Closing a deal
is complicated

Let’s be honest. Closing a deal is sometimes not the easiest thing. It can take lots of time and energy and you need many calls, emails and paperwork.

With the digital platform of bygora, this changes. You can now connect with many customers at the same time, close deals or negotiate prices. All of this and much more fully online.

slows the process

Wouldn’t it be great to have all documents and the whole record about a previous trade in one place? Find your documents easily and stop wasting precious time searching through your emails.
What if there was a solution?

bygora offers the next generation of B2B trading where companies can focus on their core business while building successful business relationships in a smart and convenient way. Using bygora will save time spent on looking for new suppliers, doing paperwork and lets businesses keep their independence when they sell novel proteins.

100% Sustainable
bygora is the platform for the next generation of sustainable ingredients for pet food, fish feed and animal feed. Novel proteins such as insect, algae, fungal or single cell proteins are hard to sell. On bygora, you find all potential customers in one place. It is not a question of “if” these proteins are going to replace traditional ones – but when.
100% Digital
bygora is the specialized B2B marketplace to buy and sell novel proteins. It allows suppliers to list products, upload documents, negotiate and trade fully digital. bygora publishes industry insights, market numbers and trends and offers suppliers price indications so they can be sure that they are trading competitively.

bygora is the all-in-one digital B2B Platform to sell novel proteins

bygora connects suppliers and buyers of novel proteins and greatly reduces the complexity of the trade process through digital transformation. Using bygora to sell novel proteins is easy, convenient and safe. Say goodbye to complexity, insecurity and dependencies and keep your focus on your core business.


be informed

bygora offers the only digital information & media platform where you can find industry insights, price information and market news.


trade digitally

Sell novel ingredients conveniently online, find a large number of trade partners, increase your reach and independence and negotiate the most competitive prices.


manage documents

You can handle all documents related to the trade in one place and make sure you keep your traceability.


pay securely

bygora uses trustworthy payment proccesses and ensures both sides trade at the lowest risk possible.

The platform for the next generation of sustainable products.

So what products can be traded on bygora? You can now sell novel proteins but the marketplace is open for all products. The rule is, that the product must be more sustainable than the product it is replacing! If your product falls into this category, bygora is the marketplace for you!

Sustainable Products
Every product listed on bygora must be more sustainable than the product it is replacing! So there are many more products to come to the marketplace!
Any insect products such as proteins, lipids, fats, frass, sticky water, chitin and many more…
Any macroalgae products such as proteins, lipids, collagen and many more…
Single Cell
Any single cell products such as proteins, lipids, additives, food colouring and many more…
Many more to come...
Any sustainable products such as proteins, lipids or other ingredients…

The smart way to sell novel proteins

By joining the bygora marketplace you will greatly improve your sales. You will save time, cost and effort when you sell novel proteins while having increased price transparency, more reach and you can negotiate and close deals conveniently online. Here’s what you can expect:

Create product listings in just a few minutes
Upload certifications and documents
Receive requests for quote (RFQ's)
Negotiate and create custom offers
Receive payments securely
Have access from anywhere in the world 24/7
No installation required
Register now
Benefit from the first-mover advantage and start building your customer network today!


Novel proteins are proteins derived from sustainable sources such as insects, algae, single cell organisms and many more. The range of novel proteins is growing rapidly. They take less water, feed and land to produce and have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional protein sources such as soy, meat or fish.
bygora is the leading digital B2B marketplace specialized in the international trade of novel proteins. The platform offers digitalization tools for both suppliers and buyers of novel proteins and greatly reduces trading cost and complexity for both sides. bygora aims to keep its leading position as the innovator in the industry and is working on full digitalization of the whole supply chain of novel proteins.
bygora is committed to supporting the transition towards sustainable food supply chains. Therefore only sustainable products are allowed on the platform. For now, insect, algae and single cell proteins, lipids and other valuable products like chitin are traded on bygora. The platform is growing rapidly and will continue to add new products along the way. You want to buy or sell a product that is not listed yet? Contact us today and we will take care of it!
Both suppliers and buyers can digitally manage the entire trade of novel proteins via the bygora platform. We made the process simple and convenient so our customers can keep their focus on their core business. bygora also makes document management a breeze. In addition, the platform offers a digital payment method that greeatly reduces risk involved in B2B payments.
The FAO predicts that by 2050 there will be a 300 million MT undersupply gap of proteins per year with the world population growing to almost 10 billion people. To fill this gap, global food production has to grow 70%. However, we only have 5% of our planet left, that can be turned into farmland.

bygora exists to make sure food security is solved without destroying our planet. We therefore only allow sustainable ingredients to be traded on our platform.
All you need to do is to set up an account and go through our verification process. We do this to ensure a high quality of suppliers and buyers on the platform. After 3-5 business days, your access to the novel protein market will be granted. If you have any questions, click on contact us and we will personally take care of you.

Become part of the future

Make an impact on more than just your business!
The FAO predicts that by 2050 there will be a 300 million MT undersupply gap of proteins per year with the world population growing to almost 10 billion people (UN).

To fill this gap, we can either destroy the planet or find solutions that save it. bygora’s mission is to empower the transition to sustainable food supply chains through digital transformation. Join us today and together we will make sure we sustain our planets ecosystems.
Do you need help with the production side of the business?
We want to support our clients on every level. Therefore, we have partnered with industry expert Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas and the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME in Germany to combine our efforts in delivering solutions to our client’s problems.

Fraunhofer Institute will be the partner for scientific intelligence and production optimisation while bygora will provide digital processes for operations, sales and industrial data intelligence.

If you want to find out more how bygora and Prof. Dr. Vilcinskas at the Fraunhofer Institute can help your company succeed in the novel proteins market, contact us today.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas

Suppliers of Novel Proteins

If you want to sell novel proteins, bygora will give you access to a worldwide network of potential buyers. The process is fully digitized for suppliers, meaning payment and document management is easier than ever before. If you want to have your own online store, you can create one within bygora’s platform and sell your products to a large, growing audience on the platform.

bygora will completely take care of the trading process for you, so you can focus on production. We understand the market is constantly evolving and we want to offer sellers a platform where they can be sure they are set for the digital future.
Suppliers of novel proteins can find buyers worldwide, with who they can communicate directly on bygora’s digital platform.

Our software is specifically designed for the novel protein industry, and we have a deep understanding of what sellers need to succeed on the bygora digital marketplace. We offer secure digital payments on bygora, making it fast and secure to sell novel proteins for animal feed, fish feed and other industries.

Here at bygora, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with the changes in the novel proteins industry. We offer regular updates and a collection of online articles, which can be delivered to your inbox.

Our goal is to allow you to spread the word about these more environmentally friendly products and save yourself time and resources at the same time. Registering is simple. In just three simple steps, you’ll be registered and ready to start to sell novel proteins and much more on bygora.

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