The digital B2B marketplace to buy and sell novel proteins
novel proteins

The leading digital B2B marketplace to buy and sell novel proteins

bygora is the all-in-one digital B2B Platform for novel proteins

bygora connects suppliers and buyers of novel proteins and greatly reduces the complexity of the trade process through digital transformation. Using bygora to trade novel proteins is easy, convenient and safe. Say goodbye to complexity, insecurity and dependencies and keep your focus on your core business.


trade digitally

buy and sell novel ingredients conveniently online, find a large number of trade partners, increase your reach and independence and negotiate the best prices.


manage documents

You can handle all documents related to the trade in one place and make sure you keep your traceability.


pay securely

bygora uses trustworthy payment proccesses and ensures both sides trade at the lowest risk possible.

Why bygora?

In 10 years all trading activity will be digital!
According to recent findings from McKinsey, 70%-80% of B2B buyers already prefer digital interactions, because of the ease of online scheduling, savings on travel expenses, and safety concerns. That means digital selling and prospecting has already become just as effective as in-person meetings, in reaching and converting your customers.
Producing and selling novel proteins successfully is already a challenge but how can you make sure you don’t miss market opportunities or trends? bygora is the only digital platform that provides full market intelligence. Stay informed about changes in the market, find price indications and charts based on real-world data. Additionally, we conveniently streamline all important market news on the bygora news site.
New industries often struggle with funding unless they can show a proof of sale. This gets many stuck in long-term contracts and fully dependent on a few customers or suppliers.
The bygora marketplace is a game changer. It is the only option for players to keep full control of their business while having the largest reach possible. Companies no longer have to prove the market exists – they can simply join it and benefit from the largest network of buyers globally. Buyers now have the chance to compare price and quality so both sides benefit hugely from it.

bygora is the leading platform for the next generation of sustainable products.

So what products can be traded on bygora?
We now focus on novel proteins but the marketplace is open for all products. The rule is, that the product must be more sustainable than the product it is replacing! If your product falls into this category, bygora is the marketplace for you!
Any insect products such as proteins, lipids, fats, frass, sticky water, chitin and many more…
Any macroalgae products such as proteins, lipids, collagen and many more…
Single Cell

Any single cell products such as proteins, lipids, additives, food colouring and many more…

Sustainable Products

To buy or sell anything on bygora the product must be more sustainable than the product it is replacing! So there are many more products to come!

Joining bygora is simple!
Register as a supplier or buyer
Get verified by us
Start trading

Joining bygora is simple!

Register as a supplier or buyer
Get verified by us
Start trading

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bygora enables a fair trade situation for the trade of novel proteins


Create product listings in only a few minutes
Upload certifications and documents
Receive RFQ's, negotiate and create custom offers
Fulfill orders digitally


Find and compare product listings
Request quotes and negotiate prices
Receive custom offers and book additional documents
Pay securely and track your order status online

Our customers are changing the world and we support them with the digital platform they need.

To bring the best value we can to our customers, we partnered up with Industry Expert Prof. Dr. Vilcinskas and his Team at Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME). This Fraunhofer Institute will be the partner for scientific intelligence and production optimisation while bygora will provide digital processes for operations, sales and industrial data intelligence. This partnership enables us to expand our offering towards supporting the whole supply chain of novel proteins.
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We regularly post educational articles about all topics within the field of novel proteins, digitalisation and market trends.
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Read regular updates on bygora's latest news and insights because being successful in the novel proteins market starts with understanding it.
Get a quick overview of how novel proteins are changing the market in our whitepaper.
Novel proteins are proteins derived from sustainable sources such as insects, algae, single cell organisms and many more. The range of novel proteins is growing rapidly. They take less water, feed and land to produce and have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional protein sources such as soy, meat or fish.
bygora is the leading digital B2B marketplace specialized in the international trade of novel proteins. The platform offers digitalization tools for both suppliers and buyers of novel proteins and greatly reduces trading cost and complexity for both sides. bygora aims to keep its leading position as the innovator in the industry and is working on full digitalization of the whole supply chain of novel proteins.
bygora is committed to supporting the transition towards sustainable food supply chains. Therefore only sustainable products are allowed on the platform. For now, insect, algae and single cell proteins, lipids and other valuable products like chitin are traded on bygora. The platform is growing rapidly and will continue to add new products along the way. You want to buy or sell a product that is not listed yet? Contact us today and we will take care of it!
Both suppliers and buyers can digitally manage the entire trade of novel proteins via the bygora platform. We made the process simple and convenient so our customers can keep their focus on their core business. bygora also makes document management a breeze. In addition, the platform offers a digital payment method that greeatly reduces risk involved in B2B payments.
The FAO predicts that by 2050 there will be a 300 million MT undersupply gap of proteins per year with the world population growing to almost 10 billion people. To fill this gap, global food production has to grow 70%. However, we only have 5% of our planet left, that can be turned into farmland.

bygora exists to make sure food security is solved without destroying our planet. We therefore only allow sustainable ingredients to be traded on our platform.
All you need to do is to set up an account and go through our verification process. We do this to ensure a high quality of suppliers and buyers on the platform. After 3-5 business days, your access to the novel protein market will be granted. If you have any questions, click on contact us and we will personally take care of you.

bygora enables the transformation to novel proteins such as insect proteins

bygora enables the transformation to novel proteins such as insect protein.
bygora is the leading digital B2B marketplace for novel proteins. Suppliers of insect proteins, algae proteins, and other novel proteins can now trade via bygora. They can directly reach buyers from the pet food, animal feed, fish feed and biofuels industries.

bygora’s digital platform gives its customers access to the global market. It provides the chance to trade novel proteins. International documents, global logistics and payments can also be managed here. bygora is the best choice for any company that wants to buy or sell novel proteins.

Novel proteins are new to the market. But they have great potential to replace present large-scale products for a number of reasons. Fish meal for example is often made from wild caught fish. This leads to overfishing. Edible insects work great as a direct replacement for this. So, insects are processed into insect flour and lipids for feed. They can also be used to produce biofuels. Novel proteins for dog and cat food are more sustainable and help pets suffering from allergies. In addition to insect proteins, algae proteins such as spirulina powder can be used as an additive to pet food or animal feed.

The production volume of novel protein is relatively low. It makes this feedstock difficult to source for fish feed or animal feed suppliers, pet food producers and the biofuel industry. Only at bygora, they can find novel proteins. FAO estimates that there will be a shortage of 300 million MT of animal protein in 2050. Novel proteins are essential as a solution to deal with this problem without harming the planet. At bygora, we focus on edible insects. They are not only a sustainable food source for more than 2 billion people around the world. They are great for animal feed and pet food.

The feedstock presently used in the animal, fish and pet food industries is based on meat. It cannot be sustainable in the long term. As far as sustainability is concerned, novel proteins are the clear winners. They use much less water, land and feed. Edible insects are good news for fish feed suppliers. They don’t have to use unsustainable fish meal anymore, as insects show the same nutritional profile. The bygora B2B Marketplace is the best option for buyers of novel proteins, especially for insect proteins and algae proteins. They can be used in animal feed, pet food, fish feed or biofuels.

The leading digital platform provides a chance to buy sustainable feedstock with ease. Suppliers of novel proteins can access the global market on bygora. They can sell their products as well as digitally process the necessary documents on bygora. They can also book logistic services and use secure payment methods for this market. bygora makes it easier to trade novel proteins, whether you are a supplier or a buyer.


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